Hello, I'm Medteck

Professional Web Developer

IT Consultant

  • +500K

    Users impacted

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    Real world projects deployed

  • 7

    Years of experience

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    Languages: Wolof language - Senegal French language - France English language - United States of America

I work with...

  • Companies

    Recruiting a high-skilled full-time employee for a short-termed need (ie: new product, redesign, etc.) can be very unprofitable in some cases. I can work in sync with your team like I were a part of it as I already did with some companies in East-Africa and North America. My external expertise will help you have new inputs alongside ways to fix the bad ones.

  • Startups

    Starting up a new company can be very complex ; especially when it needs a platform that can scale and adapt quickly with the demand. I'm experienced with SaaS and high SLA platforms, so I'll be your guy if you want someone to advise and help you build a robust, scalable, yet fast and modern platform for your future users.

  • Designers

    One common issue designers are facing is the accuracy in the implementation of their ideas. To get the web design refined with all the details they provide, it takes a developer that gives attention to them, experienced enough with HTML tags and complex CSS tricks. I can help you make your most creative design dreams come true.

  • Governments & ONGs

    In most countries, private sectors have years in advance compared to the public one. I can bring my expertise with the latest technologies to help governments and public organisations with modern solutions. My work with governments will always remain confidential (NDA) and my political opinions will never interfer with it.

Here's what people say about my work

  • "Mohamed is one of the most enthusiastic developers I have had the pleasure of working with. He sees the site as a whole and understands data needs [...] not limited to the task but asks what it is trying to accomplish. He helps me cover all angles. In my experience this makes him an outstanding developer and his work should be recognized as high quality work."

    Raphael Calgaro - Expert GTM

    Raphael Calgaro

    Consultant en Analytiques Digitales/Web
    Logisco, Canada

  • "Mohamed shows an unusual enthusiasm and curiosity for computer science. He has an exemplary mastery of the front-end and AngularJS ; CSS has no secrets for him. And as a teammate, he is reliable and knows how to ask for help when needed, having first looked for possible solutions. [...]"

    Martin Pelletier - Cortex Studio

    Martin Pelletier

    Ex Programmeur-analyste Sénior
    Nventive (ex Cortex Studio), Canada

  • "I called on Mohamed's skills for a mobile application with very short deadlines, and he was able to respond professionally to the mission. He was able to generate our product by asking each time our validation in order to integrate it gradually."

    Mohamed Lo - Intrahealth International

    Mohamed Lo

    Conseil en informatique spécialiste
    Intrahealth International, Senegal

  • "On two occasions, I requested Mohamed's skills for the creation of websites, I was very satisfied with the services. I highly recommend it."

    Baidy Sy - Atos

    Baidy Sy

    Responsable Conseil & Cybersécurité - Afrique francophone
    Atos, Senegal

Airlines, Real Estate, E-commerce, iOT... I have worked in various industries among different countries. Thanks to my versality, I have been able to understand and adapt to each of those business areas ; while figuring out their needs and the best way to tackle them.

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